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Do subdomains benefit search?

Subdomains can be used to direct visitors to sections of your website or when you'd like specific products or services to be accessible via their own unique URL. It's easy to set them using the Cpanel which comes included with your package.

Subdomains are accessible directly by typing their URLs into any web browser. For example, if your primary domain name is mycoolcompany.co.za subdomains could be:


Or you could split it by brand name, eg:


Below is a video by Matt Cutts of Google Webmasters which explains subdomains as they relate to SEO. He states there is no longer any real SEO benefit since the subdomain system was abused in the past by people who would try to get extra placements in Google.

His advice? Use subdomains only where it would benefit your business by splitting divisions or making URLs directly accessible, but not for SEO.