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Domain Questions

  • What is a domain?
  • Why do I need a domain?
  • Why should I register a name today?
  • How do I register a domain?
  • The domain I want is not available, but there's no website for it?
  • I have a website. Can my new domain name point to it?
  • I want to sell my domain name.
  • I want to transfer my domain to Uniwebserve
  • I want to transfer my domain away from Uniwebserve
  • I already registered my domain name, but now I've changed my mind
  • Hosting Questions

  • What is the "disk space" referred to in your package summaries?
  • What is "bandwidth" or "data transfer"?
  • What happens if my bandwidth runs out?
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my package in the middle of the month?
  • How do I cancel my hosting?
  • Payment / Billing Questions

  • What does it cost to register a domain?
  • When do I pay for my domain?
  • How do I pay for my domain?
  • I think my domain is up for renewal. What should I do?
  • What does it cost to update contact details of a domain name?
  • Technical FAQ

  • I'm not going to use my domain name for some time, is that okay?
  • How long does it take for my domain to be registered?
  • Will my contact information be publicly available?
  • I have other questions not answered here.
  • E-commerce

  • What is e-commerce?
  • Why would I need e-commerce on my site?

  • What is a domain name?

    If you look at the URL for this page, you'll see it begins with Our domain name is the part that comes after the www, therefore it is The domain name should be unique and can give your company or organisation an identity on the Internet. You can use this name for your website and for email.

    Why do I need a domain name?

    Domain names are sold by registrars with a first-come, first-serve policy. Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available to the public. Domain names are being registered daily, so the longer you leave it the fewer your choices become. Domain names that reflect your company activity or the name of your organisation (i.e.,, are the best ones to register. Bear in mind that search engines often rank sites better if the domain name contains the search keywords.

    Why would I register a domain today?

    :: To avoid the costs of address changes later on.
    :: To prevent somebody else from registering the name you want.
    :: To maximise the chances of a successful internet presence.

    The sooner you register your domain name, the better your chances of getting the domain name you want. Once a domain is taken, the only way to obtain it is to attempt to purchase it from the owner. Remember domain names aren't just for business. People everywhere are securing domains for personal or group use.

    How do I register a domain name?

    Search for your domain name using our handy domain search tools on our domains page. Then complete the enquiry form. Alternatively send an email to to check the availability of your preferred domain name and to register it for you as fast as possible.

    The domain I want isn't available, but there isn't a website for it?

    Many people register a domain name in preparation for setting up a website. They may not have a website now, but they still own the domain name and can wait indefinitely until they are ready to put up a site.

    I have a website. Can my new domain point to it?

    Yes. It's called Domain Forwarding or URL Redirection. You can purchase any domain and point it to your existing website. When viewers enter your domain address they will be directed to your existing website without you needing to relocate your existing site or change your domain name.

    I want to sell my domain name

    To sell a domain we recommend using an online domain sales agent such as Sedo

    I want to transfer my domain to you

    Please complete the domain transfer form here and we will do the rest!

    I want to transfer my domain away

    Please fax a letter of cancellation to 0866 161601 or email it to
    Note that transfers won't be authorised unless accounts are up to date.

    I have registered my domain name, but now I have changed my mind

    Once a domain name is registered it cannot be changed. You may register a new name if you wish, and we generally discount the new name if the first name was registered in error. The old name will expire at the end of the initial registration period (usually 1 year) if you decide not to keep it.

    What is the "disk space" referred to in your package summaries?

    This is the amount of hard drive space you will receive for storing your website on our server. The amount varies according to which package you have chosen. See our hosting options.

    What is "bandwidth" or "data transfer" ?

    When a visitor browses through your website, everything they view is downloaded to their hard drive to the browser cache (memory store). Therefore you should always try to keep your website files and images as small as possible to save on bandwidth usage. Busier websites are viewed more often and therefore use more bandwidth.

    What happens if my bandwidth runs out?

    We monitor bandwidth usage very closely. If bandwidth usage is near to or above the allocated bandwidth cap for at least 2 months, we'll recommend an upgrade. Your site won't go down due to insufficent bandwidth and you will not be charged for any overages incurred during the two month evaluation period. We will give you ample warning that the site has become busier and that you need to consider an upgrade.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade my package in the middle of the month?

    You can upgrade or downgrade at any time without additional costs and the new hosting fee will be applicable on your next billing cycle.

    How do I cancel my hosting?

    Just fax a letter of cancellation to 0866 161601 or email it to You may cancel your hosting service at any time without penalty. No refunds are given if you cancel during your current month's hosting.

    What does it cost to register a domain name?

    Usually about R149 per annum. Click here for our domain prices.

    When do I have to pay for my domain name?

    Before your domain name becomes active, if you have paid by EFT you must send a deposit slip or other official payment advice to or fax to 0866 161601. If you have paid via the online billing system then you do not need to send payment advice to us.

    How can I pay for a domain name?

    We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, direct deposit, Electronic Internet Transfer (EFT) or cheque made out to Uni Web Serve cc. Our banking details will always be on your latest invoice. PLEASE NOTE: Domain registrations will not be successful until proof of payment is provided.

    If my domain is up for renewal, what should I do?

    When your domain name needs renewing, we'll notify you a month in advance and if you want to keep the domain active we'll add the domain renewal fee to your next invoice..

    What does it cost to update the contact details of a domain name?

    All domain detail updates are done free of charge.

    I’m not going to use my domain name for some time, is that alright ?

    Your domain name may remain 'parked' at our DNS servers until you're ready to use it. We may charge a R25 parking fee at our discretion, depending on your past business history with us. If you are a long standing or existing hosting client there is no charge.

    How long does it take for my domain to be registered?

    The process usually takes between 1 to 48 hours for the domain to resolve on the world wide web. This is referred to as the propogation period.

    Will domain contact information be seen online ?

    Information about who is responsible for domain names is usually publicly available for legal, technical, consumer, trademark and other reasons. The registrar makes this information available to the public from a WHOIS server..

    What is E-Commerce?

    E-Commerce is the online enabling of transactions for your company. You have the option of purchasing encryption for protecting important data such as credit card numbers.

    Why would I need E-Commerce on my site?

    By allowing clients to enquire online, you can streamline processes and reduce human error. Ecommerce shops are a smart and professional method of bringing in more sales even if you already have a regular storefront.

    Where can I enquire if I have more questions?

    Please feel free to send us an email or have a look at our support page which contains links to many handy resources. You can also open a support ticket from this webpage


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