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A domain name represents your company or business activity on the world wide web.


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How to choose a domain name to register

It is always a good idea to register a domain name which suits either your business activity or which is an exact match for your business name.

  • Registering a domain name such as could be more handy when it comes to people finding you on the net when they type in keywords related to fishing, whereas if you had registered your site may not be found.
  • Try to imagine what people will type into a search box when they look for your services or products. If you can use your most important keywords in the domain which you register, it will be beneficial for search
  • If possible, try to register a short, memorable domain name. It’s easier to remember shorter names.

Protect your domain name

Even if you don’t want a website now, another good reason to register a domain name is to protect the name.

  • Use the name when you are ready to create a website.
  • Domain names are being registered every day and therefore the options are being reduced on a daily basis.
  • Register your domain name as soon as possible to keep it safe for your future use.
  • If someone else has already registered the domain name you want, you may be able to buy it from them if you see a notice on the domain that it is for sale. You could then contact a reputable domain broking company through which to safely purchase the domain.

Be specific

Try to be specific when choosing a domain name to register.

  • If you focus on a small community then you could register a domain name like
  • The name should be relevant to your main activity or company.
  • If you focus on certain brands, it would be valuable to add the brand name and area to the domain name. It is also very easy to remember.

How long can the domain name be?

Domain names can be up to 63 characters in length. Although it is good practice to keep your domain name as short as possible (about 6 – 14 characters), it may sometimes be necessary to have a longer domain name.

  • A good reason for a long domain name would be a long company name or a person’s name.
  • Shorter domain names are less susceptible to typographical errors, while longer domain names can describe a company or activity more accurately.
  • A good domain name is achieving a balance between describing the business aptly and keeping the name relatively short.
  • It’s usually not a good idea to go for obscure domain names like acronyms or differently-spelled names.  These can be hard for people to remember or spell properly when you tell them the name. Generally if you can say and spell the domain name comfortably, you can remember it comfortably. See if the domain name you have in mind passes the test by saying it out loud.

Hyphenated domain names

Hyphenated names can be handy if the domain name you want is not available.

  • However they are not remembered or spelled as easily as the non-hyphenated versions.
  • If can’t get the domain name you want, try registering a variant or the plural version, or a different domain extension (TLD) eg. instead of

Should you get a or a .com domain?

  • .com domains are internationally recognised.
  • domains are well-recognised and trusted in South Africa. If you plan to do business in South Africa it’s advantageous to have a homegrown domain. This shows support for South Africa and South Africans and strengthens your brand as a local South African enterprise.
  • Some companies will register both the .com and the versions of the domain name to protect the name, and then decide which one to use as the main domain (if you are a shipping or export company dealing with an overseas market it may be better to trade with the .com as your main domain). Some companies set up different websites for South Africa and for international customers.

Where can I get advice on choosing a domain name?

You are welcome to contact us to chat about possible domain names to register. We have done this for many years and will be able to give you great advice on what domain names would be suited for your business.  Feel free to use the DOMAIN CHECKER TOOL on our site to find available names or use the SUPPORT page to open a ticket with any questions you may have.

What our clients say

Thank you very much. I will definitely keep on using your services, both renewing the existing domain as well as purchasing new domains! Thanks again for your excellent customer service! Z. Chamier