A domain name is your company name or activity on the internet, for example you could register a name such as flyfishingsouthafrica.co.za or abc-company-limited.co.za – the domain name should be unique and can give your company or organisation an identity on the Internet. You can use this name for your website and for email.
Domain names are sold by registrars with a first-come, first-serve policy. Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available to the public. Domain names are being registered daily, so the longer you leave it the fewer your choices become. Domain names that reflect your company activity or the name of your organisation are the best ones to register. Bear in mind that search engines often rank sites better if the domain name contains the search keywords.
:: To protect your brand or trademark
:: To prevent somebody else from registering the name
:: To maximise the chances of a successful internet presence using the ideal name

The sooner you register your domain name, the better your chances of getting the domain name you want. Once a domain is taken, the only way to obtain it is to attempt to purchase it from the owner.
Search for your domain name using the handy domain search tool on our DOMAINS page. Then complete the checkout process and make payment online.
Many people register a domain name in preparation for setting up a website. They may not have a website now, but they still own the domain name and can wait indefinitely until they are ready to put up a site.
Thank-you for considering moving your business to us! Please click on the DOMAINS link in the menu above and use the option to “Transfer” your domain. It will guide you through a few quick steps to signup and checkout.
Yes. It’s called Domain Forwarding or URL Redirection. You can purchase any domain and point it to your existing website. When viewers enter your domain address they will be directed to your existing website without you needing to relocate your existing site or change your domain name.
Once a domain name is registered it can't be changed. You'll need to register a new domain name. The old name will expire at the end of the initial registration period (usually 1 year) if you decide not to keep it.
Domains are relatively inexpensive in general for the mainstream, well-known TLDs (Top Level Domains). Please see our domain page for the latest prices and offers.
Before your domain name becomes active, if you have paid by EFT please send a deposit slip or other official payment advice to our Accounts Dept. If you paid online by credit card then no POP is required.
We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, direct deposit, Electronic Internet Transfer (EFT). Our banking details will always be on your latest invoice. NB! Please do not deposit cash over the counter at the bank as this incurs additional fees.
Domains are registered upon payment. There is a DNS propagation period thereafter of approxiately 2 – 72 hours during which time the name is resolving via the WWW, though in most cases we see successful resolution much faster than that and you could be up and running within under an hour.
When your domain name needs renewing, we’ll notify you a few weeks in advance by sending an invoice. If you want to keep the domain active, simply make payment on the invoice, else let us know if you’d like to let the domain expire.
All domain detail updates are done free of charge. To request a detail update of the domain's contact information, the current owner (listed registrant) needs to request the change of detail from our Accounts Dept.
We do not offer a domain broking service although there are many good companies out there that could sell your domain for you.
Please open a support request with our Accounts Dept to request transfer out and check that your account is up to date.
This is the amount of hard drive space you will receive for storing your website on our server. The amount varies according to which package you have chosen. See our web hosting options.
When a visitor browses through your website, everything they view is downloaded to their hard drive to the browser cache (memory store). Therefore you should always try to keep your website files and images as small as possible to save on bandwidth usage. Busier websites are viewed more often and therefore use more bandwidth. Sending and receiving of emails also contibutes to the bandwidth usage.
We monitor bandwidth usage very closely. If bandwidth usage is near to or above the allocated bandwidth cap for a period, we’ll recommend an upgrade. You will not be charged for any overages incurred during the short evaluation period. Our system will send an alert that bandwidth is near cap and that you may need to consider an upgrade.
You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. There is no upgrade or downgrade fee and the new hosting plan will be applicable on your next billing cycle along with the pro-rata amount for the remaining days in the current billing month.
The owner of the account needs to cancel in writing with our Accounts Dept. You are free to cancel your hosting service at any time without penalty. No refunds are given if you cancel during your current hosting term unless by prior arrangement with management.
That's OK. Your domain name may remain ‘parked’ at our DNS servers until you’re ready to use it. We may charge a nominal parking fee at our discretion, depending on if you host any other domains with us.
Information about who is responsible for domain names is usually publicly available for legal, technical, consumer, trademark and other reasons unless WHOISGUARD has been applied. The registrar makes some information available to the public from a WHOIS server. ZACR masks client contact details of co.za domains on the EPP system by default to protect your privacy. Enquire about our WHOISGUARD services for international domains such as .com .net .org .biz
Ecommerce is online shopping and transactions for your company via merchants such as Payfast. It usually includes a shopping cart and your visitors can add purchases to their basket and perform an online checkout.
By allowing clients to buy online, you can streamline processes and reduce human error. Ecommerce shops are a smart and professional method of bringing in more sales even if you already have a regular storefront. Your online shop is open for orders 24 hours and works for you even while you sleep. Chat to us about development options.
Please feel free to contact us or have a look at our SUPPORT page which contains links to many handy resources. You can also open a support ticket for fast answers from our support technicians.