UNIWEBSERVE undertakes to protect the confidentiality of all of our customers’ information and use it only for the purpose of doing business with the client. We will never sell or otherwise impart your information to any third party for marketing purposes.

The customer agrees to receive emails from UNIWEBSERVE relating to the regular course of doing business or receiving news and updates from UNIWEBSERVE alone about noteworthy issues or offerings by UNIWEBSERVE which we deem relevant or beneficial to our clients.

User information may only be released to a third party under the following conditions:

  1. with permission of or when directed in writing by our customer
  2. to comply with the law
  3. where it is necessary to properly deal with and comply with any legislative enactment, regulation or recognised compliance institution, body, group or company
  4. in respect of any complaint or action lodged involving Uniwebserve
  5. during the process of tracing, debt recovery or collection;
  6. to Uniwebserve’s lawyers regarding any potential, threatened or litigation initiated;
  7. to our accountants or SARS for the sole purpose of auditing our accounts;
  8. to upstream domain registries/registrars and recognised groups (local and international eg. ICANN) for the purposes of compliance or proving or recognising a client’s ownership of their own domain or for troubleshooting DNS or any sort of management or transfer related to any and all operational aspects of domain management