How to Receive your 1-Time Pin codes whilst overseas

Have you arrived at your destination but need to urgently get a pincode to reset a password? But the pincode is going to your SA number which won’t work in the foreign country.  Here’s how Vodacom customers can access one-time pins by Email..

Roaming Prices

Costs on the Vodacom site at the time of writing (05/03/21) indicate about R2.75 per international SMS depending on your package.  Please refer to Vodacom South Africa to make sure of your costs.

Step-by-Step Instructions

First, open your favourite app store on your mobile device and install MyVodacom 

Then activate MyVodacom by using your 20-digit IMEA number (see back of simcard).  The sim does not need to be physically inside the phone (in fact, you can activate the MyVodacom App on any device)

Next, click/tap on the “MORE” button


Then tap on “My Details

Next, tap the NOTIFICATION DETAILS tab.  You can find the One-Time pin settings at the bottom of that page. Enable the Email setting.

After you have finished setting up your MyVodacom app, go to the website or App where you were trying to reset your password and request a new pincode.  This will now arrive at the email inbox associated with your Vodacom account.